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How to support LDSGames is something I do for my own entertainment, it is not how I make my living. I am not rich, and it does cost to host the site and pay registration fees. These are not a lot, but they do add up. If you would like to support this site, there are several ways this can be done.

Shout Outs
Purchased or credited Shout Outs are exclusive for the entire day. We will display your name, nickname or company name, and a short personal message along with a link (optional) to your site on the homepage. Shout Outs are a fun opportunity to send a brief message to all our visitors!

Click on the Google ads
When there are no other sponsors, Google ads will be displayed on the left and right sides. Be honest with this, if the ad does not interest you, do not click on it just to help me out. Wait for an ad that interests you before clicking on it.

Become a patron
Create a new Word List or Quiz. Once approved you will receive credit for a free Shout Out.

Sponsor the site for a day
By making a small donation of just $5 you will get credit for a full's day exclusive Shout Out.

Purchase Ad Space
For $50 a month you can place a "skyscraper" ad on either the right or left of every page. Your ad will show in rotation with other sponsored ads. Only in the event of no advertisers will Google Ads be displayed.
Advertisers will also get placed in the rotation for Shout Outs on days when no credited Shout Outs exist.

Link to me
If you have a web site, please place a link on your site to Send me a message (via the contact page) with the URL of the page containing the link and once confirmed you will receive credit for a free Shout Out.

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