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To add a Quiz:

  1. Enter number of questions to be in the quiz, click Proceed.
  2. Enter your email address, quiz title, quiz type and any addional notes or instructions.
  3. For each question in the quiz do:
    Enter the question.
    Enter any notes/comments about the question (these will show on the answer page).
    Select the type of question.
    Select or enter the corresponding correct answer for the question.
    If Multiple Choice, enter the choices, minimum of A and B.
    If fill in the blank, enter other acceptable answers or spellings in the multiple choice fields.*
  4. Click Proceed to save.

* Fill in the blank:
ALL answers are case insensitive.
Primary answer will require an exact match.
Alternate answers are tested with only alpha and numeric characters.
ex. "1/2" as a primary answer must be exact, "1/2" as an alternate would accept "12"
ex. "Paris, France" as a primary answer will accept "Paris, France" or "paris, france".
ex. "Paris, France" as an alternate will accept "paris, france" or "paris france".


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