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How Mormon Are You?
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Thank you to Anna Marion Howell who originated this quiz.

1.What does DESERET mean?
   Honeybee (in Hebrew)
   It’s a misspelling of "desert"
   It’s a reformed Egyptian word that no one is quite sure how to translate.
   I dunno, something to do with Mormons, I guess...
   It means "green jello" in French.
2.And how do you pronounce DESERET?
   It rhymes with "jay".
   Same as "desert".
   It rhymes with "cigarette".
   Same as "dessert".
3."Oh how lovely was the morning!" The sun was shining, bees were humming, birds were singing, and music was ringing! What happened that day?
   Christ had been born the previous night.
   The Nephites defeated the Lamanites.
   I have no idea!
   The pioneers were saved by the Prophet Brigham Young.
   Joseph Smith had his first Vision.
4.Which of these is in the correct order as pertaining to the youth?
   Deacon, Priest, Patriarch
   Beehive, Deacon, Teacher
   Priest, High Priest, Teacher
   Beehive, Mia Maid, Laurel
   Priest, Laurel, Beehive
5.As Zion’s youth in latter days, we stand with...
   Chaste minds
   Valiant hearts
   Virtuous hearts
   Strong Faith
   Golden Plates
6.O God, the ______ _______, we ask Thee in the name of Thy Son to bless and sanctify this bread to the souls of all those who partake of it...
   Almighty Father
   Eternal Protector
   Eternal Father
   Heavenly Father
   Everlasting Redeemer
   Loving Father
7.What does Deacon Tie Syndrome refer to?
   People who take up the entire fast and testimony meeting (thus "tying" everything up)
   Young adolescent boys who don’t know how to tie their ties, so they have like 3 feet of tie slack hanging off the back of their collars
   Elder missionaries who wear ugly ties
   Deacons whose ties are too short.
8.Are "damn" and "s---" swear words, in your opinion?
   Yes, they both are.
   S--- is generally a swear word, but in most cases, damn isn’t.
   I consider either one to be acceptable in most cases.
9.Jesus wants me for a...
10.Rise and Shout! Someone’s on the trail to fame and glory! Who is it?
   The Utes
   The Lamanites
   The Apostates
   The Cougars
   The Wolverines
11.I am a fifteen-year-old girl. I am therefore a...
   Mia Maid
   Relief Society Sister
12.Generally, Members are baptized when they are ____ and confirmed when they are ____.
   a baby, sixteen years old
   eight years old, sixteen years old
   twelve years old, sixteen years old
   eight years old, eight years old
   It’s based on gender. #2 is true for girls; #3 is true for guys

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