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How Much Do You Know About Mormons?
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Thank you to The Huffington Post who originated this quiz. Original quiz dated June 2011, some questions have been updated to July 2014 statistics.

1.What is the approximate worldwide membership of the LDS Church?
   1.5 Million
   15 Million
   150 Million
2.The Book of Mormon is named for what?
   An ancient prophet who helped to compile the historical records found in the book.
   The name for ’God’ in an ancient language.
   A city in upstate New York.
3.The Book of Mormon was first revealed to whom?
   Brigham Young
   Joseph Smith
   Gordon B. Hinckley
   Bill Paxton
4.In addition to translating the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith recorded other revelations from God in two other books of scripture. These are called:
   ’The Revelation of Mormon’ and ’The Book of Nephi’
   ’Doctrine of Great Price’ and ’Revelation of the Pearls’
   ’Doctrine and Covenants’ and ’Pearl of Great Price’
5.To help clarify the content and purpose of the Book of Mormon, what subtitle was added in 1982?
   The Final Testament of Jesus Christ
   The Testament of Jesus Christ in America
   Another Testament of Jesus Christ
   The Revelation of Joseph Smith
6.Driven out of Smith’s home state of New York, the Church briefly settled its headquarters in Nauvoo, Illinois before moving across the plains to settle what area?
   The Black Hills
   The Ozarks
   The Salt Lake Valley
7.The leadership group at the top of the Church who are considered to be the modern successors of the original twelve apostles in the New Testament is called what?
   Quorum of the Twelve Apostles
   Council of Elders
   Cabinet of Apostles
8.LDS members subscribe to a belief in the Trinity that is exactly the same as that of the Roman Catholic Church.
9.Distinguished from regular meetinghouses or chapels, LDS temples are open only to members of the Church. How many of these temples currently exist?
10.Which of the following is true about the missionary program participated in by young adult members of the Church?
   Missionaries always work in pairs.
   Young men serve for 2 years, while women serve for 18 months.
   Missionaries only operate in countries where the Church is allowed to operate by the government.
   All of the above.
11.You must be an active member of the LDS Church to attend Brigham Young University.
12.Who of the following is not a member of the LDS Church?
   Glenn Beck
   Gladys Knight
   Jon Huntsman
   Mitt Romney
   Trey Parker

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