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Who Am I?
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Thank you to who originated this quiz.

1.At the command of the Lord, I left Jerusalem with my wife and four sons and fled into the wilderness. One morning when I awoke, I found a brass ball by the door of my tent. This “Liahona” guided us in our travels through the wilderness, across the ocean, and into the promised land.
2.I went back to Jerusalem with my three older brothers to get the brass plates. Although my brothers were afraid, I knew the Lord would provide a way for us to do what He had commanded.
3.When I was fifteen years of age, I was visited by the Lord. I became general of the Nephite army until the people became so wicked that I refused to serve as their leader any longer. I made plates of gold and abridged the large plates of Nephi and passed them on to my son.
4.I became king after my father’s death. My final address to my people was delivered from a high tower so that everyone could hear the words that had been given to me by the Lord.
5.I led two thousand young men to war against the Lamanites. We won the battle and not one of these young men lost his life.
6.My brother and I and our families did not have our language confounded at the Tower of Babel. We were told to prepare barges for the crossing of the ocean. I saw the finger of the Lord touch stones to provide light for our journey, and then Jesus Christ appeared and taught me many important truths.
7.I received the records of my people from my father, made the final entry on the plates and then buried them in the Hill Cumorah. On September 22, 1827, I delivered these plates to Joseph Smith.
8.I stood on a wall and told the people about the signs of Christ’s birth and death. The wicked Nephites would not believe a Lamanite prophet, and they tried to kill me.
9.My father did the work of the Lord, but my friends and I were unbelievers. We persecuted members of the Church until one day an angel appeared to us. Afterward we served as missionaries and taught many people the gospel.
10.I led a party of men from Zarahemla to the land of Lehi-Nephi. I was taken before King Limhi, the leader of the people, and he showed me twenty-four gold plates. I could not read them, and so I took them to King Mosiah, who translated the records.

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